CNN Model WeightsΒΆ

The CNN weights (and input) files can be downloaded from here:

The extracted model_params directory is to be copied to hpvm/hpvm/test/dnn_benchmarks/model_params - the CNN benchmark expect the model weights at this specific location. The automatic HPVM install ( does the data download, extraction, and copying automatically.

We support CNN weights in 3 formats:

  • .h5 file format: The entire CNN model is stored as a single .h5 file. The Keras models are shipped as .h5 files. These can be found under model_params/keras

  • .pth.tar file format: The PyTorch models are shipped as pth.tar files and can be found under model_params/pytorch

  • .bin serialized binary file format: This format is used by the HPVM binaries. Convolution, Dense, and BatchNormalization parameters for each layer are stored as individual files. The weights are serialized FP32 values layed out serially in NCHW format. Our frontends (Keras and PyTorch) convert .h5 and pth.tar files into .bin files in the frontend translation phase. The .bin weights can be found under the respective subdirectory for each benchmark under model_params/