Keras Frontend

Install Keras Frontend after moving to directory /hpvm/hpvm/projects/keras


  • python == 3.6.x

  • pip >= 18

If your system uses a different Python version, we recommend using the conda environment keras_python36.yml. Install this using:

conda env create -f keras_python36.yml --name keras_python36

Activate the conda environment before installing the pip package (below) using:

conda activate keras_python36

NOTE: This step must be performed each time (for each shell process) the frontend is to be used.

Installing the Keras Frontend Package

At the root of this project (/projects/keras/) install the Keras frontend pip package as:

pip3 install -e ./

NOTE: If you are using the conda environment, activate it prior to this step.

Suppported Operations

List of supported operations and limitations are documented here.